Friday, 4 February 2011

A Venture into Polymer Clay!

Given dollshouse miniatures are so expensive I have resolved to master the art of making things from polymer clay!

First attempt at bread!

Second attempt at bread and some tomatoes

I then moved on to try carrots which a little girl on You Tube assured me were very easy! Mine are a little flat but I am hoping to make various vegetables for a little wheel barrow I am going to have as part of the street scene.

This is the wheelbarrow in it's infancy - it is going to be painted in bright colours and filled with vegetables for sale. Of course the vegetables will be organic......!

The stairs are now completed and have had an undercoat of paint - they will be sprayed with a stone effect paint.

As you can see I have still to paint the basement - I hate painting unless it is in the form of a spray!


  1. The stairs are just beautiful and the pram is gorgeous! Polymer clay looks like fun to us! We can't wait to see the vege cart full of yummy veges!

  2. Wonderful! We can't wait to see the rest of your veggies!

  3. if I knew the provenance of the Sue Ryder little vegetables and stuff, I would buy some for you to save all this work! But love your efforts, I am so hopeless at making anything.

    I am totally in awe of your abilities.

    J x

  4. like I would hate to buy something vegetable wise, which was around in the times of your beautiful house.

  5. er, "which was NOT around"........sorry !re my last comment