Thursday, 27 January 2011

Inspiration and Innovation!

Having discovered Heidi Ott and thinking life could not get any better! Now I have discovered Jiayi and Reutter - don't worry I bought some Fimo!

Currently now lusting after one of Jiayi's beautiful handpainted silk sofa sets.........!

Bought this Jiayi unit second hand - my usual Ebay!

Suitably inspired I set about a coffee table that cost £1 and painted it cream - then tried a small flower transfer - I was very impressed!
It doesn't quite live up to the wonderful workmanship of Jaiyi but sometimes innovation is called for!

This is the parlour waiting to be decorated and I found a good selection of papers in a craft book for scrapbooking - the above burgundy paper is one and I do believe it is 12th scale!

Here are a couple of the other designs - it is linen paper and I think works quite well.

Well all I have to do now is paper! So far my papering has really not been good and has been stripped off again - I am reluctant to spoil this paper!

In the meantime the dolls house stairs are still under construction!

There has been a lot of work, not by me!

I have joked about it's likeness in build time to the Forth Rd Bridge - it took a very long time.....!


  1. The new wallpaper will look beautiful with your "new" furniture! We love seeing the updates!

  2. Hi V,
    Wallpaper is hard whether it be full scale or 1/12!!!! There is an art to it...but I'm certain you will conquer it!!
    The furnishings are lovely. You have a good eye.