Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Quilts and other matters!

Our new Housekeeper, Mrs Ott is still moving about the house waiting for her room to be ready! She was delighted to recieve a beautiful new patchwork quilt in the post the other day - as you can see it was a big hit with everyone!

A friend kindly offered to try her hand at quilting 12th scale! The pic on the left was her first attempt and quite beautiful but a little small and thick however it has made a spendid rug for the bedroom. The quilt on the right was the second attempt and fitted the little single bed that husband made well.

The above is the third rug and just delightful! Mrs Ott just adores it and so do I, the colours are wonderful and the clever effect of going from light to dark is beautiful, this one drapes over the bed and, a bit like the story of the three bears with the porridge, is just right - thank you so much Jo if you ever look in on this blog!

I reckon you could have a career in dolls house quilting!

A wee preview of the new room/parlour for the housekeeper - skirting etc still to be fitted!

And finally the stairs have been painted with a stone effect paint, three coats, not that we are counting - they are hard to see in the pic so......

here is a close up of the little wheelbarrow, still not painted but now filled with tomatoes, carrots, oranges, potatoes and bread......well the vendor decided to diversify in order to fill his cart.

Mrs Ott has a little, slightly wonky, basket also made from Fimo!

The other little 'stall' is to be a flower stall whenever I find the time to make the flowers.....!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous quilts! Lucky girl. :)

  2. The quilts are wonderful! What beautiful colors!

  3. Love the quilts! Just wondered how huge the Bassets were in those far off day though! I think your Dolls House is lovely, J xx

    A green tinged envy filled personage. xxxxx

  4. The house is really coming along well! One day I'll have my own!