Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sometimes being a worker's mate is hard work!

Husband has been working on the hall for me..................I have been sanding, hoovering dust etc. A lot like our real life!

I had been dreading stripping the hall as the handrail had been glued on after the red felt carpet had been fitted and I knew the little wooden spindles would all fall off and they did!

Believe me it was like sanding matchsticks and I broke several that then had to be painstakingly glued back together.

However they do look much better now! The wall panels are maple and look just lovely - as you can see I also have a new hall carpet and a smart new floor.

A wee close up of the maple panels, shaped, bevelled and fitted one by one!

The wood panelling has

continued upstairs although

not in the maple, the second

one is oak and mahogany is the third!

I have wallpapered above

as these were not full height.

The top hall is needing

pictures on the wall and

Two little handmade tables

awaiting table covers!

All the halls now have cornice and skirting.

I have ordered some new lights but they have not arrived - the beauty of internet shopping!

I have now wallpapered the bedroom, twice! If you remember I bought some books with srapbook paper and now have too many choices - I wasn't sure about doing the room in black and white but am happy that my wallpapering is much improved!

The lady of the house appears to be gathering hats, not to mention shoes!

So although I have not been blogging I have been busy.......!


  1. I'm ready to move in! My house doesn't have a staircase. I just love the stairway carpet! What fun you're having!
    Everything looks GREAT!

  2. You are making such good progress. I want one!!
    You should try a pet. Remember my first goes? If I can improve from that then you can too! lmao! Try a basset, the short legs are good cos they don't need any armatures.

  3. It looks wonderful! Lucky your husband helps! Lol!!!

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  5. Come back soon we miss you!!

  6. How beautiful your dolls house looks,the photos look like you could walk right in well done.
    Licks Bobby.

  7. well I am totally speechless, and will look and peruse more tomorrow as I have only just discovered the link via the "slave" comments. Suffice to say, this is amazing. You are so very clever and talented to get this far.

    Can you come over and do my Utility Room ......? It would so appreciate some style!!

    J xx