Thursday, 21 October 2010

The roof is finally finished and our first staff arrive!

The wooden strips cut into tile shapes were finally all stuck with glue to the roof - husband did most of the work it has to be said!

The roof went into the garden and was sprayed with a textured stone effect paint which worked really well!

As you can see we have an illusion of tiles - some little knots in the wood provided a realistic slipped tile effect as the roof would not have been perfect!

I am now a self confessed ebay addict! Could not resist some budget dolls to start me off - this is Sally(hard working and pretty Sally!) who is our lady's maid - currently making the bed which temporarily has cotton hankies for bedding!

Here is Molly having a sneaky cup of tea in the drawing room - she has to be Sally's twin - they have identical faces! I have wallpapered this room and it is dreadful - bubbles everywhere so it has to be stripped off again!

Here we are in our temporary kitchen! Again could not resist someone on Ebay getting rid of their kitchen furniture at a bargain price!
Of course our basset, who we have yet to name, immediately moved to the kitchen like a proper basset!
Here we have Jeannie (blame the allotment Jeannie!) she grows vegetables in the garden and comes into the kitchen to have tea with the staff and of course always has a little treat up her sleeve for our basset.
Our young maid polishing the silver is Annie.
Now I know all of this makes me sound completely off my head but believe me I am having fun!
(tied to make a little sweeping brush - not great, will try again!)


  1. What fun you are having and it's coming along beautifully! Love the roof!
    How exciting to watch all of your progress. Thank you for sharing it!

  2. How lovely! Your doll house is coming along wonderfully! The roof tiles are looking great! Love the little characters you got to people the house ... and the stories you make up along the way. :)

  3. I hope you know we are enjoying your progress, and your dolls' house right along with you. Be it vicariously ... we are still enjoying it. We sort of feel like we know the staff and family ... and we LOVE the little details in the rooms. The roof tiles, by the way, are AMAZING!

    Jake and Fergi (and Sally ... our personal maid(en))