Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year Update!

We haven't been updating this blog but rest assured work was ongoing - even over Xmas and the New Year!

A basement is being built which increases the size of the house and changes the look of the exterior.

Nothing is finished - the stairs are still just wood! The two basement windows and the door have still to be fitted but these were given to me as Xmas presents from my very thoughtful husband who is building the basement!

We are also hoping to have a little pavement outside of the house which will be lovely for the carol singers next Xmas!

Oh Yes, and I got a new bed for the master bedroom!
Just wanted to assure anyone who is following the progress of Montgomery Hall that I have not given up!
Happy New Year everybody.


  1. The hallway decorated for Christmas is just beautiful! I actually had forgotten for a minute that this was a dollhouse! LOL
    Love the bed too! Such fun!

  2. A dollhouse! How wonderful! And it would not be complete without the basset!!!

    Meowm Rhonda

  3. I love it! All of it! I am so envious too! Particularly admiring of the bed and the harp? I did spot a harp in one of the pics? I have been looking in the Sue Ryder shop here, but there stuff for D.Houses is way too modern.

    Oh it makes me regret getting rid of mine, even though it wasn't as grand as yours.


  4. Yes, there is a harp - had thought of a music room but still lots to decorate!
    You can always buy a second hand one like me although I have decided it is a most expensive hobby!

  5. love this your house looks great, i too love the hallway looks loveley and very inviting at xmas