Friday, 14 January 2011

Building Progress and the Sheila's Maid

This is the lower floor now - minus the front steps to let you see!

Yet to be painted but looks in keeping with the rest of the house!

This is the new laundry which is just painted with emulsion and quite basic as it would have been at the time.

The fire surround was made out of MDF and then papered with brick effect paper - a piece of coving was used for shape at the front - still looking for a suitable little boiler.

(The linen, as far as I have got, is cut from tiny baby wash cloths - six cloths for a £1 at the pound shop!)

The Sheila's maid was quite easily made with five bamboo sticks - the ends were a little fiddly.

String laced through as shown and it does actually work!

The new bed is pretty although the room still needs to be decorated and the bed will look much better when the room isn't in pink!

That basset gets everywhere - like a true basset he is where the humans are!

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  1. Your dollhouse is just enchanting! I love seeing the progress!