Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Home Made Additions to the Laundry!

The laundry is coming along - we have now added a little ironing board, a sink - the other one was borrowed from the kitchen! We also have a new stove/burner to heat the water!

The sink was made from scraps of MDF - husband lectures in a building college and is now picking up remnants from the floor for the doll's house!

The edges were rounded and the whole thing painted Chalky White - legs were papered using left over brick paper that did the fire surround.

Ironing board was fiddly to glue together - we didn't achieve it opening and closing but it looks fine - the cover is a piece from an old shirt!

This is a close up of the stove - also made from let over MDF - again husband more handy than me but my painting is coming along well............!

The kitchen is also coming along - similar oven surround to the laundry - really needing more things to stock the shelves!


  1. The little stove to heat the water is just adorable! Your laundry room is so cheerful and cute! The kitchen will probably be my favorite room, just as it is in my dollhouse!