Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sue Ryder Bargains at Montgomery Hall!

Having spent the majority of my dollshouse fund Xmas money on the most amazing Heidi Ott pram I was now on the lookout for bargains!

Several dolls were purchased for a bargain price although I will admit to some non surgical enhancements!

As you will observe the ladies were a little flatter on arrival but with some carefully made underskirts - from wrapping material - they looked so much better.

It just shows the importance of undergarments for the Victorian lady!

Our young man had no time for such frivolities and immediately took to his desk in the library with a small glass of wine to assist him of course!

The children were bitterly disappointed that no nursery was ready for them on arrival and our little girl, in keeping with her red hair, threw the carefully made 12th scale book to the floor!

Little did she know how pleased I was to have made it!

Sue Ryder online shopping is such a joy and for any of you dolls house enthusiasts (or not!) who have yet to make their acquaintance here is the link:

The serious work of building the lower floor continues - I will update soon together with our most impressive Sheila's maid (pulley to you Glasgow folk) made from bamboo sticks!


  1. Your house is just so adorable! I only have one lady dolly who stands on the front porch. Your house looks more lived-in with people in the rooms! What fun this is!

  2. Vanessa I'm still in awe of your abilities with the exquisite work on the miniatures.