Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New Things!

As you can see we now have the windows and the doors fitted to our new lower floor - still to be painted!
The stairs also need finished.
Xmas was great in that everyone knew I needed dolls house items so with my gift vouchers I purchased several practical things but this Heidi Ott pram is my absolute luxury item!

It really is gorgeous with a hood that goes up and down and wheels that turn etc!
Love it - it arrived today - so glad I treated myself!


  1. The pram is gorgeous! Mom has one that's similar and she loves hers too!
    Your front door looks so pretty!~

  2. ooooooooooooooooh it is deliciously adorable! I have now turned GREEN (with envy!)And yes, the front door with the Christmas garland looks so beautiful. Thank you for sharing, and I can quite understand your joy.

    You have Dolls House Joy now, like I had Shed Joy back in the summer ;0D - btw I have lots of plans for my dearest Shed this year, except K draws the line at a basement extension..........

    Is it possible to suffer DHE? Jeannie xx

  3. Vanessa this is BEAUTIFUL!!!
    The mom of one of my friends also does miniature
    restoration and building of doll houses!!

    You are very talented!!! Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes....

  4. Hi Vanessa...just finished showing my hubby your blog. We are amazed!!
    He has some questions:
    1. is it a kit
    2. was it alaready built and you are remodeling
    3. what is the scale
    He is a model train builder working with 'O' scale trains which transfers to 1/48 scale.
    we both say WELL done and are now on your cheerleading squad.
    Cecilia and Bryan